20" Rear-Tine Tiller

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With BCS Tillers, you don't just dig your dirt, you build your soil. Bust sod, prepare seedbeds, precision cultivate and, when gardening season is over, power compost spent plant material or between-season cover crops directly back into your soil for organically richer soil in the spring. Most importantly, BCS accomplishes this effortlessly. Like any good tool, your “job" is to simply keep it company. Because of its chopping action, the forward-rotating tines are not prone to getting tangled with plant material. With large wheels in control and proper balance, the tiller avoids “tine walking" and requires little or no downward pressure on the handles. Its compact design makes it easy to turn at the end of the row. Simply put, BCS Tillers are of professional quality, to be enjoyed by home and commercial gardeners alike. All BCS tractors have a second, dedicated speed for cultivating between your plants. In this gear, the tines turn 10 times per revolution of the wheel, eliminating weeds and creating a dirt mulch without over-pulverizing your soil. Popular Accessories: * The Precision Depth Roller™ is available for 26" and 30" BCS Tillers. * Transport Wheels are available for all BCS Tiller sizes. * Hiller/Furrowers are available for all BCS Tiller sizes. FEATURES: Width sizes: 18'', 20'', 26'', 30'' Tines rotate 50% faster than competitive brands at a rate of 20 rotations per wheel revolution. Adjustable widths: 26'' narrows to 20''; 30'' narrows to 26'' Tine speed can also be adjusted to a 10:1 rotation ratio when in second gear. Planar wedge in center of tiller breaks up center soil, leaving no un-tilled strip down the middle. For safe operation, a PTO-lockout device prevents the tines from spinning when the tractor is shifted into reverse. Four tine depth settings, maximum of 8'' tilled depth. 33" Heavy Duty Tiller available for Model 750 only. Replacement tine kits available.

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