33" Rear-Tine Tiller

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Tipping the scale at almost double the weight of the 30" standard tiller attachment, the 33" model boasts large, heavy-duty everything. Performance-wise, the larger tines not only till a wider path; it can also till more deeply in a single pass. The time saved by this increased productivity in both seedbed preparation and cultivation makes this model a logical choice for commercial users. A unique characteristic of this tiller is that it can only be accommodated by one BCS tractor - model 750. This is mainly due to the increased weight of the 33" tiller, which the 750 tractor compensates for with a heavy-duty cast-iron mounting flange. Model 750 also has an optional transmission weight kit that mounts between the engine and wheel axle that adds an additional 76 lbs to the tractor; thereby helping to counterbalance the weight of the tiller when turning at the end of row. More significantly, model 750 features gear reduction transmissions that reduce the speed of the tractor and produce 30% more tine “bites" per forward foot of travel than achieved by other models equipped with 22" diameter tires. This is of great benefit in really tough tilling conditions and when power composting cover crops. Another unique feature of the tiller is its depth control mechanism. A top-mounted hand crank allows the operator to easily adjust the tine depth to the exact requirements of the task. And, as with other BCS tillers, the 33" tiller can be adjusted to different widths. It can be narrowed to 28" or, with four extra tines, it can be widened to 38". FEATURES: Adjustable widths: 33" can narrow to 28'' or widen to 38" (by adding 4 tines, sold separately). In 1st gear, tines rotate 50% faster than competitive brands at a rate of 20 rotations per wheel revolution for superior seedbed preparation. In 2nd gear, tines rotate 10 times per rotation of the wheel for superior cultivation. Planar wedge in center of tiller breaks up center soil, leaving no un-tilled strip down the middle. For safe operation, a PTO-lockout device prevents the tines from spinning when the tractor is shifted into reverse. Infinite tine depth settings adjusted by crank, maximum of 8'' tilled depth.