901L Scag Lawnmower Bagger

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COMMERCIAL-GRADE FABRIC BAGS Scag’s 2-Bag Grass Catcher allows you to collect grass clippings and leaves, delivering a picture-perfect, groomed lawn quickly and conveniently on all Scag Liberty® Z, Freedom Z® and Patriot™ mowers. With a 7-bushel capacity and an 8″ discharge tube, this is a serious debris-catching system.


CONTOURED DISCHARGE BOOT ALLOWS SMOOTH FLOW OF CLIPPINGS The 2-Bag Grass Catcher boot is specially designed and contoured to provide excellent debris flow from the cutter deck into the 8" debris-handling tube. This design also helps to retain the speed of the clippings which enhances the bagging ability of the catcher system. DUAL, REAR-FACING EXHAUST PORTS AND METAL DEBRIS SCREEN The 2-Bag Grass Catcher hood features a durable, all-metal debris screen that resists damage from flying debris. The extra-large screen (25 1/2" x 15") filters out larger debris particles, keeping them in the bags while letting air escape. This airflow is essential to proper debris flow from the cutter deck into the bags. The screen is flat and is easily scraped clean. SPRING-ASSISTED HOOD-LIFT MECHANISM When it is time to remove the bags and dump the grass, the grass-catcher hood is conveniently held open by two heavy-duty springs. They keep the hood securely open for easy removal and reinstallation of the debris bags. A simple, center-mounted, single latch secures the hood closed while operating.