Grillo Adjustable Rotary Tiller for G52 (978511)

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The Grillo G52 is a reversible, compact walking tractor, suitable for working in limited spaces both in horticulture and in gardening.

It is equipped with a 2 speed-gearbox with gears in oil-bath with forward and a reverse gear. It’s a comfortable walking tractor, easy to use and safe.

Several rear and front attachments can be connected to the machine, thanks to its 180° reversible handlebar: rotary tiller, sickle bar, mower etc. can be fitted via a coupling without the help of tools.

It is possible to achieve greater stability on slopes by widening the wheel track by 10 or 17 cm by means of the appropriate Grillo wheel extensions.


Weight24 kg Brand GRILLO

Width Weight Height Length
0 Inch 0 Gram 0 Inch 0 Inch