Hustler Raptor SDX 60" Mower - 938555

HustlerSKU: RPSDX60KA24-939843

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The Hustler RPSDX60KA24 938555 is the epitome of power, precision, and performance, offering unmatched capabilities for both residential and commercial lawn care needs. Engineered with cutting-edge features and robust construction, this riding mower ensures exceptional results with every use, delivering a flawlessly manicured lawn that stands out from the rest.

Key Features:

  • Powerhouse Engine: Powered by a high-performance engine, the RPSDX60KA24 938555 delivers formidable power and torque to effortlessly tackle even the most demanding mowing tasks, making it ideal for large properties and professional landscaping projects.
  • Precision Cutting: Equipped with a precision-engineered cutting deck, this riding mower ensures a clean and uniform cut across various terrains, maintaining the integrity of your lawn and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • Advanced Maneuverability: With its advanced steering system and responsive controls, the RPSDX60KA24 938555 offers unparalleled maneuverability, allowing for easy navigation around obstacles, tight corners, and landscaping features with precision and ease.
  • Comfortable Operation: Designed with operator comfort in mind, this riding mower features ergonomic seating, intuitive controls, and a smooth ride, enabling extended periods of comfortable operation without fatigue or discomfort.


  • Welded Steel Deck: Provides durability and extends mower life.
  • Wider Stance: Offers ample room for operator comfort.
  • SmoothTrak™ Steering: Precision control for easy maneuvering around obstacles.
  • Bolstered Seat: Ensures a comfortable ride with armrests and back airflow.
  • Rubber Floor Mat: Minimizes vibration on the operator's feet, standard on all Raptor models.
  • Fabricated Frame: Continuous one-piece welded tubular frame for stability.
  • Foot-Operated Deck Lift: Easily adjust deck height between 1.5" - 4.5".
  • Easy to Service: Features like flip-up seat pan, removable floor pan, and vented pulley covers make maintenance simple.
  • Exclusive BigBite™ Rear Tires: Specially designed in collaboration with the tire manufacturer.
  • Kawasaki® Power: Equipped with a V-Twin Kawasaki® Engine for reliable performance.

Width Weight Height Length
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