LOW-PRO 300G Poly Tailgate Spreader

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Increase Your Ice Control Reach. When it's time to touch up salt application or get into smaller areas larger hopper spreaders can't reach, you need a tailgate spreader you can count on. The all-new WESTERN® utility tailgate line does just that. The LOW-PRO 300 and 300G models spread a variety of bagged de-icing materials up to 25 feet, offering fully featured performance to get more jobs done faster. SPECIFICATIONS Capacity: 3.00 cu ft (0.09 cu m) Hopper Construction: Polyethylene Dimensions Overall(LxWxH): 22" x 30" x 30" (55.9 cm x 76.2 cm x76.2 cm) Approx. Weight(Empty): 75 lb (34.0 kg) Motor: 12-volt DC motor mounted in weather-resistant enclosure Auger(Diam. x Length): — Spinner Size: 10" Nylon/Glass Reinforced Resin Spreading Width: Up to 20' (Up to 6.1 m) Materials: Bagged Ice Melters, Calcium Flakes, Calcium Chloride Pellets & Bagged Rock Salt Vehicle Application: UTVs, Tractors, 1-Ton or Smaller Pickups Available Mounts: 2" Light-Duty Hitch Mount (Standard) UNIQUE FEATURES Corrosion-Resistant Hopper: The LOW PRO 300 & 300G utility tailgate spreader features a corrosion-free poly hopper for long-lasting durability. Electric Spinner Motor: The spinner motor transmission is electric powered, drawing electricity from the vehicle for quiet, consistent operation. The motor is protected from the corrosive environment by a sealed drive enclosure. Electric Gate (300g): The LOW-PRO 300G features an electric gate that stops and starts the material flow to the spinner. This allows the unit to spread finer granular materials in a consistent spread pattern. Vertical Auger (300): The LOW-PRO 300 spreader features a heavy-duty 3" vertical auger for a steady, consistent flow of bagged rock salt to the spinner. This allows you to deliver a consistent spread of salt. Variable Speed Control: Allows the operator to adjust the spinner speed to manage spread width from inside the cab. The control is weather resistant and provides easy cab mounting. Light-Duty Hitch Mount: The light-duty hitch mount is standard and works with a variety of vehicles including work trucks, utility vehicles, and tractors. Clear Weather Cover: The transparent cover keeps material dry and flowing freely, while offering a clear view inside the hopper. GENERAL Weight 75 lb. (34.0 kg) Hopper Capacity 3.00 cu ft (0.09 cu m)