LOW-PRO 300W Poly Tailgate Spreader 3.00 cu ft

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The Ultimate In Wireless Convenience When winter won't wait, the WESTERN® LOW-PRO 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader quickly mounts onto pickup trucks, SUVs, utility vehicles, and tractors without drilling or wiring. Standard with a completely wireless key fob control, 2" receiver hitch, and a 7-pin plug, this is THE ultimate in plug ‘n' play convenience for salt spreaders. SPECIFICATIONS Capacity: 3.00 cu ft (0.09 cu m) Hopper Construction: Polyethylene Dimensions Overall (LxWxH): 22" x 30" x 32" (55.90 cm x 76.20 cm x 81.30 cm) Approx. Weight (Empty): 68 lb With Mount (30.8 kg With Mount) Motor: Electric, 12V 1/3 hp Auger (Diam. x Length): 2.5" x 5.75" Vertical High-Flow (6.35 cm x 14.61 cm Vertical High-Flow) Spinner Size: 10" (25.40 cm) Spreading Width: Up to 25' (Up to 7.62 m) Materials: Bagged Rock Salt Vehicle Application: Tractors, UTVs, SUVs, 1-Ton or Smaller Pickups Available Mounts: Standard 2" Receiver, Optional Drop Utility, Trailer Utility, 3-Point Mounts UNIQUE FEATURES Corrosion-Resistant Hopper: The LOW-PRO 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader features a corrosion-free polyethylene hopper for long-lasting durability. Material Delivery: Material is delivered by a powder coated, vertical steel auger. The unique design helps break up clumps and prevents material from spilling to provide long-lasting, reliable performance. Spinner & Spreading Width: The LOW-PRO 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader features a 10" spinner made of nylon/glass reinforced resin, and delivers a spread pattern of up to 25'. Mounting Options: The LOW-PRO 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader comes standard with a 2" receiver mount. Additional mounts are available including an optional drop utility mount, 3-point tractor mount, or general utility mount. Electric Motor: A fully enclosed 12-volt electric, 1/3 hp motor and maximum-torque transmission drive the spinner mechanism. Wireless Control: The completely wireless key fob control offers one-touch, on/off operation with two spinner speeds to match the spread pattern to the job. GENERAL Weight 68 lb. With Mount (30.8 kg With Mount) Hopper Capacity 3.00 cu ft (0.09 cu m)