PRO PLUS® Straight Blade Snowplow 9'

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Contractor Grade® Heavy-Duty Performance Give winter all you've got with the WESTERN® PRO PLUS® snow plow. Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, this rugged straight blade is the ultimate tool for the toughest commercial operations. SPECIFICATIONS Moldboard Options: Steel Blade Width: 9' (2.74 m) Blade Height: 31.5" (80.01 cm) Blade Thickness: 12 ga (2.78 mm) Shock Absorbers: 2 Trip Springs: 4 Ribs: 8 Lift Cylinder: 1.5" x 8" (3.81 cm x 20.32 cm) Angling Rams: 1.5" x 12" (3.81 cm x 30.48 cm) Plowing Width(Full Angle): 7'9" (2.36 m) Approx. Weight*(Without Mount): 837 lb (379.66 kg) Cutting Edge: 0.5" x 6" (1.27 cm x 15.24 cm) Mount Type: UltraMount 2 UNIQUE FEATURES Plow Blade Construction: The robust 12-gauge powder coated steel moldboard is a full 31 1/2" tall and comes in 8', 8' 6", and 9' widths. The PRO PLUS® blade features a 65-degree attack angle, and a high carbon steel cutting edge comes standard, reducing wear and extending the life of the blade. Structural Reinforcement: Eight vertical ribs, a heavy-duty quadrant, and the exclusive WESTERN® POWER BAR provide exceptional torsional strength and rigidity, to eliminate blade twisting even under the most brutal conditions. The high-strength steel base channel provides extra support along the bottom of the plow blade. The 1" diameter pivot bolt secures the plow in place, ensuring proper alignment and reducing stress on the overall plow assembly. Reliable Hydraulics: We manufacture our own hydraulic components to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability, so that you get a hydraulics system that's not only fast and responsive, but that's built to last season after season. Fully enclosed components are protected from the elements. Trip Protection: Four heavy-duty coil springs protect your plow and truck by allowing the whole blade to trip when striking obstacles. Dual shock absorbers reduce jarring and soften the blade return when tripping occurs, to extend the life of your truck and plow. Shoe Kit: Protect your plow and the road, while extending the life of your cutting edge with an adjustable shoe kit. The cast iron construction and shape increases the surface contact area and helps glide over gravel and dirt at the correct height. Extending cutting edge and base angle life when plowing on rocky or abrasive surfaces. Skid-Steer Compatible Mount: The PRO PLUS® snow plow is also available with skid-steer mounting options. Skid-steer plows are quick to install and easy to operate with an onboard hydraulic system for powerful, efficient operation. An oscillating skid-steer attachment provides six degrees of side-to-side movement for improved scraping and cutting edge wear while reducing damage to the terrain. This design allows the skid-steer loader bucket's hydraulics to lift and lower the blade for improved operator performance. Tractor Compatible Mount Kit: Designed for easy installation onto a wide range of tractor models, these mount kits make it possible for the PRO PLUS straight blades to fit on a compact tractor. They are flared both vertically and horizontally to ensure proper alignment and make the drive-in connection easier. The push beam, which makes up the front portion of the mount, can be quickly detached to allow for a loader attachment. GENERAL Blade Height 31.5 in. (80.01 cm) Blade Width 9 ft. (2.74 m) Cutting Edge 0.5 in. x 6 in. (1.27 cm x 15.24 cm) Plowing Width 7 ft. 9 in. (2.36 m) Weight 837 lb. (379.66 kg)