Simplicity 1696423 Snowblower

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The Simplicity 1696423 is a 42-inch single-stage snowblower attachment designed for use with garden tractors. It is built to handle moderate to heavy snowfall, providing a wide clearing path that makes it ideal for larger driveways or paths

Key Features:

Width and Stage:

  • Clearing Width: 42 inches
  • Type: Single-stage


  • This model is designed to attach to certain models of garden tractors. Compatibility with specific tractor models should be confirmed to ensure proper fit and functionality.


  • Single-stage Mechanism: The snow is scooped and expelled through the chute in one motion, which is effective for snow depths typical of most residential areas.
  • Manual Chute Control: Allows the operator to manually adjust the direction of the snow discharge chute.


  • Robust Build: Typically constructed from durable, heavy-duty materials capable of withstanding harsh winter conditions.
  • Auger: Equipped with an efficient auger designed to handle snow and icy patches.


  • Mounting: Attaches to the front of the tractor, converting it into a snow removal machine. Installation might require basic tools and moderate mechanical skill.


  • Effective for quickly clearing snow from large areas, reducing the physical strain and time required compared to traditional snow shovels or smaller electric snowblowers.

Ease of Use:

  • Tractor Power: Utilizes the tractor’s engine and steering, making it easier to maneuver compared to stand-alone snowblowers.
  • Maintenance: Requires regular maintenance such as checking the auger, replacing shear pins, and ensuring all moving parts are lubricated.

Width Weight Height Length
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