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The Flared Wing 22V Series 2 V-Plow is built for downsized trucks such as the Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler to name a few. This is a Light-Commercial plow designed for use by contractors, facility managers, municipalities and universities or school districts. Great applications include driveways, sidewalks, and tight spaces. The Flared Wing design showcases a 22-inch center and a 27-inch outer height for greater snow-casting. Standard structural features include a direct linkage system delivering hydraulic-controlled lift and lower functionality, reactive Down-Pressure system providing over 250 lbs. of down force for a cleaner scrape, single jack stand for easy on/off with the Drive-In Mount and a Trip Edge blade design to dampen shock forces going into the frame of the truck. The ESS Smart Sight™ system is the standard wiring/lighting platform that provides efficient power and bright lights along with the ability to add optional lighting including the Smart Flash Kit™ The ESS system allows a user with many vehicles to easily move this plow from truck to truck. The Flared Wing 22V Series 2 Vee Plow weighs just 380 pounds so it allows any person with a downsized truck to put those trucks back to work.

Width Weight Height Depth
0 Inch 0 Pound 0 Inch 0 Inch