Stihl FS40

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The Stihl FS40 is a versatile and reliable grass trimmer designed for homeowners looking to maintain their lawns with ease. Built with Stihl's renowned craftsmanship and engineering, this trimmer offers exceptional performance, durability, and user-friendly operation. Whether you need to trim grass along fences, around trees, or in tight spaces, the FS40 delivers precise cutting and efficient operation to help you achieve a well-manicured lawn.


  1. Powerful Engine: The FS40 is equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, providing ample cutting power to tackle grass and weeds with ease. Its reliable engine ensures consistent performance and smooth operation, even during extended use.
  2. Lightweight Design: Designed for user comfort and convenience, the FS40 features a lightweight and well-balanced design that reduces operator fatigue during extended use. Its ergonomic handle and adjustable shaft make it easy to maneuver and control, allowing you to work comfortably for longer periods.
  3. EasyStart System: The EasyStart system ensures quick and effortless starting with minimal effort, allowing you to start the trimmer with ease every time. This feature eliminates the need for complicated starting procedures, making the FS40 user-friendly and accessible for users of all experience levels.
  4. Versatile Cutting Head: The FS40 comes equipped with a versatile cutting head that allows for easy switching between trimming and edging modes. Whether you need to trim grass along the edges of your lawn or tackle weeds in tight corners, the FS40 offers precision cutting for a variety of applications.
  5. Adjustable Handle: The trimmer features an adjustable handle that can be customized to suit your height and preferred operating position. This ergonomic design feature ensures optimal comfort and control, reducing strain on your arms and back during operation.


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