Stihl HS46

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Experience smooth and comfortable hedge trimming at home with the STIHL HS 46 C-E, our lightest gasoline-powered hedge trimmer for homeowners. This trimmer embodies the principle of "less is more," offering a host of benefits that enhance your trimming experience.

Less Weight: The HS 46 C-E is the lightest gasoline-powered hedge trimmer in the STIHL lineup, ensuring optimal balance and maneuverability for effortless operation.

  • Less Emissions: Utilizing advanced engine technology, this trimmer produces fewer emissions compared to traditional 2-stroke engines, promoting environmental sustainability without compromising performance.
  • Less Fatigue: Say goodbye to fatigue with the HS 46 C-E's advanced anti-vibration system, which reduces vibration levels by 40% compared to previous models, allowing for extended periods of comfortable use.
  • Less Frustration: Thanks to STIHL's Easy2Start™ technology, starting the trimmer is nearly effortless, eliminating the frustration often associated with hard-to-start engines.
  • Less IS More: With fewer emissions, less weight, less fatigue, and less frustration, the HS 46 C-E proves that less truly is more when it comes to hedge trimming.

Additionally, the HS 46 C-E features an easy-to-access data port integrated into its design, allowing for simplified servicing at your local STIHL Dealer, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and optimal performance.

Experience the ultimate in lightweight, efficient, and comfortable hedge trimming with the STIHL HS 46 C-E.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight design for optimal balance and maneuverability
  • Reduced emissions for environmental sustainability
  • Advanced anti-vibration system for reduced fatigue during extended use
  • Easy2Start™ technology for effortless starting
  • Integrated data port for simplified servicing at your local STIHL Dealer

The STIHL HS 46 C-E gasoline-powered hedge trimmer offers homeowners a powerful yet lightweight solution for smooth and comfortable hedge trimming, with reduced emissions, less fatigue, and effortless starting technology.

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