Stihl KM91R

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The KM 91 R KombiMotor sets the standard for professional-grade performance, featuring a powerful yet low-emission engine that delivers 30% longer run times compared to its predecessor. Designed for professional landscapers, this KombiMotor offers exceptional versatility and reliability for daily use.

With the KM 91 R, landscapers can enjoy the convenience of a single engine powering a range of space-saving attachments, eliminating the need for a cluttered trailer filled with multiple tools. Equipped with a semi-automatic choke lever, simplified starting is effortless, while the one-touch stop feature enhances operational efficiency.

Whether you're looking to expand your existing collection of power tools or streamline your entire operation, the KM 91 R KombiMotor is a solid investment for professionals on the move. Its dependable performance and extended run times ensure uninterrupted productivity, making it an essential tool for tackling a variety of outdoor tasks.

The STIHL KombiSystem offers a comprehensive landscaping solution, comprising a powerful KombiMotor and a full line of attachments. From trimmers and blowers to hedge trimmers and cultivators, the KombiSystem provides landscapers with the flexibility to handle any project efficiently. Attachments effortlessly slide into the KombiMotor and are secured via a quick-release coupling system, saving both time and trailer space for streamlined operations.

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