Striker™ UTV 0.35 cu yd

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The Right Size For The Job The WESTERN® Striker™ 0.7 and 0.35 cu yd stainless steel hopper spreaders offer the features and accessories that give you the performance, capabilities, and efficiency of larger WESTERN Striker hopper spreaders, but in a more compact size that's better suited to handle smaller spaces and jobs. This salt and sand spreader has been designed to provide excellent material flow and delivery to the spinner. SPECIFICATIONS Body Side Length: 30" (0.76 m) Capacity: 0.35 cu yd (0.27 cu m) Hopper Construction: 16 ga SS (1.5 mm SS) Hopper Dimensions (LxWxH): 30" x 38" x 26" (76.20 cm x 96.52 cm x 66.04 cm) Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 57" x 38" x 46" (144.78 cm x 96.52 cm x 116.84 cm) Min. Bed Length Required: 30" (76.20 cm) Approx. Weight (Empty)Dual 12V DCSealed Motors: 235 lb (106.59 kg) Conveyor Width: 11.5" (29.21 cm) Spinner Size: 12" (30.48 cm) Spreading Width: Up to 30 ft (Up to 9.14 m) Material: Bulk Salt, 50/50 Salt/Sand Mix & Sand Vehicle Application: UTVs & Compact Trucks UNIQUE FEATURES Corrosion-Resistant Hopper: The low-maintenance, stainless steel, riveted construction provides durability for long-life and protection against stress. Material Delivery: One of the widest in the industry, the 15 1/2" pintle chain conveyer delivers reliable, smooth, and consistent material flow to help reduce bridging. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel conveyor housing provides added protection and reliability. Spinner & Spreading Width: An extra large 12" polyurethane spinner delivers a spread pattern of up to 30' and provides long-lasting, corrosion-free performance. *0.7 cu yd hopper shown Dual Electric Motors: A fully enclosed 12-volt electric, 1/3 HP motor is mounted inside a sealed housing, protecting it from corrosion. Dual Variable-Speed Control: Enhanced dual variable-speed control allows you to precisely match material delivery and spread patterns to conditions. Four standard accessory buttons and a dedicated blast button provide optimum in-cab efficiency. Easy-to-understand, digital self-diagnostics alert the operator when the hopper is empty or when adjustments are needed, and LEDs make the controls easy to read. Its compact size compared to traditional controls fits easily into today's modern vehicle cab designs. Dump Button & Work Light: Located at the rear of the hopper, two dump buttons run the conveyor for easily unloading excess material or quickly filling a walk-behind spreader. Controlled by a third button, an accessory work light can be attached to illuminate the area at the rear of the spreader for better visibility when operating the dump buttons or working at the back of the hopper. Fleet Flex Electrical System: The Striker™ hopper spreader is designed with FLEET FLEX technology for easy interchange between electric hopper spreaders without having to change the wiring or the controls. It provides easy operation, increased reliability, simple wiring and easy installation. Additionally, accessories automatically integrate into the control for easy plug 'n' play. Flip-Up Chute: Provides convenient access to the hitch, better ground clearance and easy clean-out. Innovative Chute Design: Reduce material waste with this innovative chute design. Baffles within the chute deliver material to the areas of the spinner that cast it out and away from the truck, instead of back onto your bumper. Shutter Deflector: The easy-to-adjust circular shutter deflector allows one-side spreading operation, providing optimal control by keeping materials away from areas they aren't needed, and spreading more evenly where they are. Accessory Integration: Conveniently connect accessories directly into the fully enclosed accessory hub mounted in the back of the hopper. Accessories automatically integrate with the hopper control without having to run additional wires from the front of the vehicle. Accessory Knock-Outs: Hoppers feature knock-out holes for plug n' play integration of certain accessories. Top Screen: The standard coated steel top screen helps break up large chunks of de-icing material during the loading process to help prevent clogging and bridging during spreader operation. GENERAL Hopper Capacity 0.35 cu yd (0.27 cu m)