Tornado™ UTV Poly Hopper Spreader 11.00 cu ft

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Slay Icy Sidewalks & Paths The WESTERN® Tornado™ UTV 11 cu ft poly hopper spreader is built just for UTVs. It features a sturdy, compact design that delivers many features of the larger models, in a size just right for your utility vehicle. SPECIFICATIONS Body Side Length: 64" (1.6 m) Capacity: 11.00 cu ft (0.3 cu m) Hopper Construction: Polyethylene Hopper Dimensions (LxWxH): 52.5" x 43.5" x 26.5" (133.4 cm x 110.5 cm x 67.3 cm) Dimensions Overall (LxWxH): 64" x 48.5" x 41.5" (162.6 cm x 123.2 cm x 105.4 cm) Min. Bed Length Required: 32" (81.3 cm) Approx. Weight (Empty): 280 lb (127 kg) Motor: Dual Electric, 12V DC, Sealed Spinner Size: 12" (30.5 cm) Spreading Width: Up to 30' (Up to 9.1 m) Materials: Bagged Ice Melters*, Bagged Rock Salt, Bulk Salt, Calcium Flakes*, Calcium Chloride Pellets*, 50/50 Salt/Sand Mix** & Sand** Vehicle Application: UTVs UNIQUE FEATURES Corrosion-Resistant Hopper: The one-piece hopper is built of durable polyethylene for corrosion-free performance. Spinner & Spreading Width: The durable 12" spinner delivers a spread pattern of up to 30' and provides long-lasting, corrosion-free performance. Material Delivery: Material is delivered by a heavy-duty, powder coated, horizontal steel auger to provide long-lasting, reliable performance. When an obstruction occurs, the transverse auger delivery system can reduce downtime by automatically backing itself in and out until the obstruction is cleared or a required adjustment has been made. Dual Electric Motors: Two instant-start, 12-volt electric motors provide quiet, reliable, independent control over the auger and spinner mechanisms. The spinner motor is sealed inside a weather-resistant housing, protecting it from corrosion. Quick-Connect Spinner Assembly: Gain easy access to the hitch by removing the quick-connect spinner drive assembly. Dual Variable-Speed Control: Dual variable-speed control allows you to precisely match material delivery and spread patterns to conditions. A switch to run the vibrator is integrated into the control for operator convenience. Cover: A fitted tarp cover helps de-icing material stay dry to prevent clumping. Drop Chute: The quick-connect drop chute can easily be removed for access to the hitch. Inverted V / Vibrator: The standard inverted V helps keep sufficient material weight off of the auger, ensuring smooth startup and flow of material. The inverted V is directly connected to a 12-volt vibrator to help reduce bridging and keep material moving to the auger. Ratchet Straps: Add additional spreader stability to your vehicle with standard nylon tie-down ratchet straps. Spinner Guard: Located at the top and bottom, guards help protect the spinner from damage if the operator accidentally backs into a solid object. Top Screen: The standard coated steel top screen helps break up large chunks of de-icing material during the loading process to help prevent clogging and bridging during spreader operation. Designed To Fit Utv Beds: The Tornado™ UTV hopper spreader is the proper width/length, and the capacity is appropriate to meet vehicle weight requirements of most utility vehicles. Additional Standard Features: Heavy-duty steel frame with electrostatic powder coat finish. GENERAL Weight 280 lb. (127 kg) Hopper Capacity 11.00 cu ft (0.3 cu m)