SnoWay 26 Series Snow Plow 7.6 Steel Plow with down pressure 99101068

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Tough & Light: The Sno-Way® 26 Series 2 has all of the same standard features as our commercial plow line without the extra weight: High-strength steel FlexForce frame construction, heavy-duty A-frame and an ultra-responsive hydraulic package.

The 26 inch tall blades are available in 6’8″ and 7’6″ lengths with custom drilled top rail designed to accept the patented EZ-Fit Snow Deflector. The high strength steel blade on the Sno-Way® 26 series is kept looking good and slick with the Triple-Coat Protection; zinc phosphate wash, automotive E-Coat primer and military grade powder coat combination. The Triple-Coat Protection System delivers a surface that is resistant to penetration by salt, sand, stones or any other aggregate material.

With the optional Down Pressure® Hydraulic System, this plow will clean better and cut 30% of your plowing time. The Down Pressure® Hydraulics add over 250 pounds of down-force on the cutting edge which is a first in the industry and scrapes clean forward and maximizes back dragging.

Width Weight Height Length
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