Lawn Mower Maintenance

Your mower is a vital tool for your yard upkeep. But even the highest quality models suffer from normal wear and tear with use. That's why maintenance is so important at keeping your model running smoothly and out of the service shop for as long as possible. We've created the following guide to easy tasks that you can handle below. When you run into something that is beyond your ability, head on over to Martin’s Outdoor Power Equipment for assistance. We have locations in Seneca Falls, Geneva, and Twin Pines, NY.
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Consult Your Owner's Manual

Sure, your lawn mower owner's manual is going to be a pretty dry read. But it's an important one! It'll contain all the tailored information for your given model so that you can give it the best care possible (and keep it out of the repair shop for as long as possible). You'll find valuable information such as a schedule for various aspects of maintenance as well as what specifically needs maintenance. Try to stick to this advice as much as possible. It'll help you reduce the trips you take to the mechanic.

Keep Everything Lubricated

Your mower is a finely-tuned machine of various working parts. For them to function properly, they need the proper lubrication. For example, the crankshaft and pistons need the oil reservoir to stay lubricated. That's why you need to check your oil regularly. It's the same process as you use with your commuter vehicle. Enter a dipstick to check the amount, consistency, and coloring of the oil. Replace it if you notice it looking sludgy or discolored. Top it off when it gets low. If you spot water or metal shavings in it, this is a sign of a mechanical problem. You'll likely need to get it serviced.

Keep the Undercarriage Clear

As you use your lawn mower, it can collect grass clippings, mud, and debris on the undercarriage. This can create clogging which can lead to overheating problems as well as hurting your model's efficiency. For push mowers, simply tip it over and clean it out. For a riding mower, drive it up on a small ramp or blocks. Take a high-pressure nozzle to hose away the debris.

Replace Spark Plugs

Over time, your spark plugs will need to be replaced. They can get worn down by too much use as well as too much downtime in between use. In general, shoot for replacing them about once a year. For spark plugs that aren't pre-gapped, use a plug gap tool to get them at the ideal gap width.

Sharpen the Blade

Your mower blade will get dull as time goes one, which will compromise its ability to effectively conquer the grass. To get it sharp again, you will need a file, burr, or grinder. These tools help get dull material off of your blade to leave behind the sharp material in all its glory. It's important to note that you don't need the blade very sharp. It just needs to be enough so that it can quickly move through the air and get the job done.

We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions or want more advice on mower maintenance, feel free to consult the team at Martin’s Outdoor Power Equipment. We are happy to chat with you about whatever you need to know. If you've uncovered a problem that needs fixing, visit our service department. We can help get your equipment back to normal in no time. Whatever you need, you'll find it with us!