Martins Outdoor Power Equipment started on a small family farm on Route 336 in 1993. A small Quonset Hut was built and able to house a few of the units, where 7 Grasshoppers were sold in the first year.

In 1997 Simplicity Tractors became a part of the lineup, along with Ferris in 1998 and Western Plows in 1999.


The Geneva store was bought in 2003. The building was a bookstore, with an old apple orchard in the back of the property. The building stayed, but new signage and additions helped redefine its purpose.


The Seneca Falls store was built in 2005, expanding the reach by adding a new location.


In 2008 the Geneva store was torn down and rebuilt for a better customer experience and new opportunities.


 Along with a new building, Twin Pines Power Equipment of Penn Yan was purchased and added to the list of locations. With Twin Pines came our partnerships with Stihl and Hustler.288200721_1490728471370162_6858765854504125610_n

Our family has grown, but our mission has stayed the same. We take pride in providing excellent service and support to our customers and local communities. We appreciate the journey and what it took to get us where we are today.