Stihl MSA120CBQUNIT 12 Compact Cordless Chainsaw (Power Unit)

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The Stihl MSA 120 C-B cordless chainsaw is a remarkably lightweight and efficient tool designed for garden and property maintenance at home, as well as for processing horizontal timber. With its quiet operation and user-friendly features, this chainsaw makes tasks such as trimming and cutting wood easier and more convenient.

Equipped with Quick Chain Tensioning, the MSA 120 C-B allows you to tighten the chain without the need for additional tools, ensuring hassle-free operation. The Ematic chain lubrication system reduces chain oil consumption by up to 50%, promoting efficient and economical use of resources. Additionally, the QuickStop Super chain brake provides enhanced safety by stopping the chain in seconds when triggered, offering peace of mind during operation.

Featuring outstanding cutting performance and minimal vibrations, the MSA 120 C-B delivers impressive battery life of up to 40 minutes with the AK 20 battery and up to 55 minutes with the AK 30 battery. This allows for approximately 120 cuts in 10 x 10cm timber, ensuring uninterrupted operation during your tasks.

Key Features:

  • Quiet Operation: The STIHL COMPACT cordless power system devices operate quietly, eliminating the need for ear protection.
  • STIHL Chain Quick Tensioning (B): Easily adjust the chain tension without tools using the quick tensioning system.
  • QuickStop Super Chain Brake (Q): Provides additional braking for enhanced safety, stopping the chain quickly in case of kickback or when the user releases the rear handle.
  • Intermediate Battery Position: The battery can be inserted into the device in two stages, offering secure locking and efficient power delivery.
  • Toolless Filler Cap: Allows for quick and easy filling of the tank without the need for tools.
  • Control Handle: Ergonomically designed for a safe and secure grip in all situations, with a lock button for added safety.
  • STIHL Electric Motor (EC): Energy-efficient, lightweight, and compact motor that runs quietly and generates minimal vibrations.
  • STIHL Ematic System: Reduces chain lubricant consumption by delivering oil precisely where needed, maximizing efficiency.
  • Two-Handled Operation: Ensures safe and comfortable handling in all operating positions.


  • Cordless Technology: Lithium-Ion AK-System
  • Recommended Battery: AK 20
  • Rated Voltage: 36 V
  • Weight (Without Battery, with Bar and Chain): 2.7 kg
  • Oil Tank Volume: 110 cm3
  • Bar Length: 12"
  • Chain Gauge: 1/4″P
  • Recommended Bar Length: 30 cm / 12″
  • Experience the convenience and performance of the Stihl MSA 120 C-B cordless chainsaw, designed to meet the demands of home gardeners and property owners alike.

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