Service Description

We offer compact tractor tune-up and repair on most tractors.
Listed below is what you can expect to be done to your tractor when you bring it in for a service.
1-Inspect moving parts for wear.
2-Inspect all belts for cracks and excess wear.
3-Check safety switches for proper operation.
4-Check transmission fluid level.
5-Check starting and confirm battery is charging.
6-Check the brakes.Inspect power-train.
7-Change the engine oil.
8-Change the engine oil filter.
9-Change the fuel filter.
10-Change the air filters.
11-Grease all grease zerks.
12-Sharpen and balance blades and clean under deck.
13-Check and adjust tire pressure as needed.
14-Level the deck and adjust pitch as needed.
15-Blow out radiator and clean cooling fins.
16-Add fuel system cleaner and stabilizer.
18-Add sticker for the next recommended service.
19-Test Performance.
20-Hot power wash unit.
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