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The Avant DG24EA Auger is a heavy-duty attachment designed for Avant compact loaders. Augers are primarily used for drilling holes in the ground for various purposes such as planting trees, installing fence posts, or setting poles. The DG24EA auger is known for its efficiency and precision in digging holes quickly and accurately. It typically features a powerful hydraulic motor to drive the auger bit into the ground, and it comes with different bit sizes to accommodate various hole diameters. This attachment enhances the versatility of Avant loaders, making them suitable for a wide range of landscaping, construction, and agricultural tasks.

Powerful hydraulic auger with many different drill diameters to suit various tasks, be it post hole boring, tree transplanting, etc. The standard drive unit has a hydraulic motor and direct drive to the auger. The heavy-duty drive unit is equipped with the planetary drive to increase torque, needed especially in hard ground conditions or when using large-diameter augers. 

Replaceable tungsten teeth and center pilot are a standard feature in the auger drills. This enables drilling in hard ground, as well as in sandstone. Combination of an articulated Avant and auger offer excellent visibility and minimum ground damage.

  • Wide range of auger drive units with different torques enables efficient use of 75 mm to 900 mm auger drills
  • The right drive unit for your work depends on the maximum drill diameter needed. Choose the drive unit from the table below.
  • The replaceable tungsten teeth and center pilot on all auger drills ensure long lifespan also on professional day to day use
  • 2 way swing adapter for HD auger drives. Allows the auger and auger drive to swing sideways also, which means that the hole can be drilled straight no matter how the machine is positioned. 

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