BCS 722 Tractor (821CS280) - All-Gear Drive, High Horsepower


Sale price$3,749.00



In addition to all-gear drive and the advanced handlebar system like that of the 718, the model 722 is the most popular of the Straight Axle tractors and features:

  • More Horsepower: Powered by Honda’s GX240 engine, the 722 can accommodate both the same and larger versions of the attachments suitable for the 710 and 718. These include the 26” Tiller, 45”, 47” & 51" Sickle Bar Mowers, 28” Snow Thrower, and 40” Power Sweeper. Plus, the 722 can accommodate a wider range of attachments that include the Chipper/Shredder, Log Splitter, 40” Snow Blade, 36” Dozer Blade, and Utility Trailer.
  • Larger Wheels: The larger diameter wheels and tires provide added traction, stability, and ground clearance when operating on uneven terrain.
  • An Electric Start option: In life, there are long term investments and then there are long, long-term investments. BCS is the latter, and the convenience and ease of turning a key, rather than pulling a rope, might well be appreciated at some future time (if not right away). Honda’s electrical system is high quality and complete; the engine recharges the 12V battery as it runs. And the recoil starter is always present as a backup, if needed. Just remember: because it is a different engine, electric start cannot be added later to the standard, recoil start model.


  • All Gear Drive w/ Heat-treated Steel Gears & Embedded Ball Bearings
  • Double Cone Clutch
  • Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Limited Lifetime Transmission Warranty*
  • 3-year Engine Warranty
  • Convenient Shuttle-style Forward/Reverse Control
  • Easily Adjusted Anti-Vibration Handlebars w/ 180º Rotation
  • 7 Vertical Handlebar Settings (front & rear)
  • 3 Horizontal Handlebar Settings (front & rear)
  • Two Working Speeds in Each Direction
  • Transport Speed (rear-mount only)
  • Available with Recoil Start or Electric Start (w/ Recoil backup)


Engine: Honda GX240

Electric Start Option: Yes

Transmission: All Gear Drive

Clutch Type: Double Cone, Spring-Loaded

Axle Configuration: Straight Axle; Optional ratcheting hub accessory

Working Gears: 2 forward, 2 reverse

Working Gear Speeds: 0.68 and 1.4 MPH

Transport Gear Speed: 7.6 MPH

Standard Wheel/Tire Size: 4x10x18"; Optional size: 5x10x19"

Weight: 275 pounds (with 20'' tiller)

Width Weight Height Length
0 Inch 275 Pounds 0 Inch 0 Inch