Hustler DASH XD 42" 940759

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Introducing the Hustler Dash XD 42 zero turn mower - the perfect choice for homeowners who want to step up to a 42 inch deck in a reliable and affordable zero turn mower.

This powerful mower is designed to handle residential mowing jobs with exceptional precision.

With a 42-inch cutting deck, the Hustler Dash XD 42 offers more coverage compared to the Dash XD 34 and is perfect for larger yards. Its zero turn design allows for excellent control and agility, enabling you to finish mowing tasks quickly and efficiently.

Powered by a 15 HP Kawasaki V-Twin engine, the Hustler Dash XD 42 delivers ample power and is designed to start quickly and reliably all year round.

The Hustler Dash XD 42 is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, featuring a comfortable seat providing ample support for extended periods of mowing. Its durable frame is built to last, providing reliable performance for years to come.

Other features of the Hustler Dash XD 42 include a foot-operated deck lift system that allows for quick and easy adjustments to the cutting height and excellent manoeuvrability that makes mowing a breeze.

The Hustler Dash XD 42 zero turn mower is the perfect choice for homeowners who want a nice sized, reliable, and affordable mowing machine. With its exceptional precision and performance, it will help you keep your lawn looking great with minimal effort.


  1. Welded Fabricated Steel Deck: 11 ga. welded fabricated steel deck adds durability compared to a stamped deck.
  2. Bolstered Seat: Bolstered with built-in lumbar support for added comfort during long mowing sessions.
  3. Kawasaki® Power: Equipped with a V-Twin Kawasaki® engine known for its reliability and power.
  4. Fabricated Steel Frame: 1”x 2” fabricated steel frame making it tough and durable, ensuring longevity even in tough conditions.
  5. Foot Operated Deck Lift: Easily adjust the deck height between 1.5”- 4.5” with the foot-operated deck lift mechanism for precise cutting.
  6. Compact Size: Easily fits through most gates to tackle fenced-in back yards. The small footprint makes it ideal for storing in a garage, saving space.
  7. Engine Guard: Standard on all Dash XD models, providing additional protection for the engine.
  8. 18" BigBite™ Rear Tires: Specifically designed 18" BigBite™ rear tires provide excellent traction and maneuverability, ensuring stability and control even on uneven terrain.


Cutting Equipment & Features:

  • Deck Width & Construction: 42 Inch 11 Gauge Fabricated Cutting Deck
  • Blades & PTO: 2 Blades with electric PTO blade engagement
  • Spindles: Aluminum with 14 gauge spindle mounts, 3/4" shaft, and twin bearing with triple seal protection
  • Cutting Height & Adjustment: 1.5" - 4.5" cutting range with foot-assisted deck height adjustment
  • Optional Extras: Optional Mulch Kit, Optional Catcher Kit
  • Ground Speed: 9.7 Km/h Ground Speed
  • Acres per Hour: 2 Acres per hour (Rating based on 80% efficiency to allow for real-world mowing conditions)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.5 L
  • Slope Capability: 15 Degrees

Power & Drive Train:

  • Engine Type & Specifications: 15HP Kawasaki FR541V Engine. Air-cooled. 603cc.
  • Engine Warranty: 3 Year Engine Warranty
  • Transmission Type & Specifications: Dual Hydro Gear ZT1800 Hydro Transmissions

Build & Chassis:

  • Country of Manufacture: Made in the USA
  • Chassis Construction: 1.5" x 2" Welded Tubular Steel Frame
  • Rear Wheels & Tires: 18" x 8.5" Rear Tires
  • Front Wheels, Tires & Castors: 11" x 4" Front Tires

Comfort & Convenience:

  • Seat Type: Bolstered Mid Back Seat
  • Console Features: Cup Holder, Park Brake - Automatic Park Brake
  • Maintenance Access: Open rear design for easy engine maintenance
  • Tow Hitch: Optional Tow Hitch


  • Minimum Trailer Size: 4 ft wide, 6 ft Long
  • Length: 1661 mm
  • Width (Chute up): 1099 mm (Chute up)
  • Height (ROPS up & down): 1016 mm
  • Weight: 212 kg


  • Residential Warranty: 2 Year / 200 Hr Domestic warranty

Width Weight Height Length
1099 Inch 212 Pounds 1016 Inch 1661 Inch