Simplicity 1696922 Snow Blower

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Heavy-duty performance that is built to tackle the big jobs. They feature Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ OHV engines, integrated channel handles and commercial-grade transmissions for all-day reliability and tried and true performance.


  1. 32" Clearing Width: This wide clearing width allows you to clear a large area with each pass, reducing the time and effort required to clear snow.
  2. 21 Gross Torque: The snow blower is equipped with a robust engine providing 21 gross torque, ensuring sufficient power to tackle even heavy or wet snow.
  3. Signature Series: As part of the Signature Series by Simplicity, this snow blower likely features premium construction, durability, and performance enhancements.
  4. Easy Start: It may feature an easy-start system, making it convenient to start the engine even in cold weather conditions.
  5. Efficient Snow Removal: With its powerful auger and impeller system, this snow blower can efficiently cut through and propel snow away from the clearing area, making snow removal quick and hassle-free.
  6. Adjustable Chute: The chute is likely adjustable, allowing you to control the direction and distance to which the snow is thrown, providing flexibility in snow removal.
  7. Durable Construction: Built to withstand harsh winter conditions, this snow blower is likely constructed from durable materials that can endure frequent use over many seasons.
  8. Comfortable Operation: It may feature ergonomic handles and controls, as well as other comfort features, to make operation more comfortable during long snow removal sessions.

Width Weight Height Length
0 Inch 0 Gram 0 Inch 0 Inch