Sno-Way 99101376 Snow Plow

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The Sno-Way 99101376 Snow Plow is a heavy-duty snow plow designed for trucks and other large vehicles. Here's a brief description:

  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, the Sno-Way 99101376 Snow Plow is built to withstand harsh winter conditions and heavy use.
  • Efficiency: With its efficient design and powerful hydraulics, this snow plow can quickly and effectively clear snow from roads, parking lots, and other surfaces.
  • Versatility: It offers versatility in terms of mounting options and blade configurations, making it suitable for various types of vehicles and snow removal tasks.
  • Control: Equipped with advanced control systems, including wireless remote control options, operators can easily maneuver the plow for precise snow removal.
  • Safety Features: Designed with safety in mind, the Sno-Way 99101376 Snow Plow includes features such as trip-edge technology to prevent damage from obstacles hidden beneath the snow.

Width Weight Height Length
0 Inch 0 Gram 0 Inch 0 Inch