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The SNO-WAY POLY 4 Tailgate Spreader, model 99101021, is designed for efficient snow and ice management. It is particularly suitable for use on smaller commercial vehicles or for property maintenance, making it a versatile addition to any snow removal fleet. Here’s a more detailed description of its key features and specifications:

Key Features

  • Material Construction: Made from durable polymer, the SNO-WAY POLY 4 is resistant to corrosion and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Capacity: This spreader has a medium-sized hopper that can hold a significant amount of material, usually several hundred pounds, making it ideal for managing both small and moderately large areas.
  • Spread Mechanism: It typically features a spinner at the bottom of the hopper that evenly distributes ice melt, salt, or sand over surfaces to prevent ice formation and ensure traction.
  • Control System: Equipped with an in-cab control that allows the operator to easily adjust the spread rate and pattern according to the needs, providing precise application and preventing material wastage.
  • Mounting System: The tailgate-mounted design makes it easy to attach and remove from various types of vehicles. It generally uses a simple latch system that doesn’t require specialized tools for installation.
  • Power Supply: The spreader is usually powered by the vehicle’s electrical system, making it efficient and easy to operate without needing additional fuel sources.
  • Application: Ideal for driveways, parking lots, and smaller roads. Its versatility makes it suitable for both residential and light commercial use.

Width Weight Height Length
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